Weight Loss for Desi Professionals

Change your thoughts and body forever!

Life can be insanely stressful.  We are constantly trying to juggle our work and family lives.  Our ultimate goal is to find work-life balance that keeps us happy and healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in chaotic situations and our physical and mental health begins to suffer. Mainstream weight loss industry focuses on physical actions – such as specific exercises, going to the gym, counting calories and following fad diets. We have all probably tried all of these paths in hope of losing weight. While some may have some success, very few of us have been able to maintain weight loss.


Being a vegetarian desi, I have been told numerous times that it must have been easy to lose weight as vegetables are a huge part of my diet.  Being vegetarian does not guarantee a healthy lifestyle.  We are consistently told to follow calorie-based diets. After a short period of time, these diets don’t seem fulfilling or deprive us of the foods we enjoy or are possibly good for us.


Maybe it’s not only through changing our actions we find long term weight loss, but by changing something else…our thoughts.  A huge factor in weight loss is that your thoughts create your feelings which then create your actions which ultimately lead to final results.


This thought process has changed my life forever.  I have reached my goal weight and continue to maintain it.  Weight loss is about creating new thoughts and feelings, but most importantly breaking off the traditional weight loss strategies and focusing your energy on your overall mindset to achieve your desired results. I have turned my knowledge into a passion and want to help others accomplish their goals as well.


If this resonates with you, check out what I have to offer so that you too can create the result of permanent weight loss.